Angels & Miracles Conferences


Angels & Miracles Conferences

I)  ANGELS & MIRACLES CONFERENCE — Moravian Falls, N C  2015

 Gary Oates

Bill & Carol Dew


July 17–19, 2015

Moravian Falls, NC

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN.   CLICK HERE.   Limited to about 40 attendees.

We would like to personally invite you and your friends to this Angels and Miracles weekend in Moravian Falls. We have already held about 16 of these conference around the USA, and the fruit has been — well, miraculous. Families brought back together, people empowered to heal the sick with signs, wonders, and miracles, and children being able to “hear” from God clearly with many seeing into the spiritual realm. There is solid biblical teaching, demonstrations of the power of God, impartation, and a demystifying of the spiritual experiences we’ve all had but chalk up to “just my imagination.”

During this weekend gathering, our plan is to impart to you:

  • how to walk in supernatural authority
  • accessing the power of the kingdom of heaven
  • impartation for hearing and seeing in the supernatural
  • prayer opportunities for healings and experiences with the supernatural realm
  • insights on how to make the supernatural part of normal daily life
  • time of Q & A with all speakers
  • hands on impartation from all speakers
  • ministry time


Details to follow.
Gary Oates and Bill & Carol Dew will be ministering at this event.
Registration opens: Friday, July 17 th at 3:00 PM The event kicks off with dinner on Friday, July 17 th at 5:30 PM followed by the first meeting at 6:30 PM and concludes after lunch (approximately 1 PM) on Sunday, July 19 th, 2015.SPEAKERSGary Oates
Several years ago Gary was caught up into the Presence of the Lord and began seeing the ministry of angels in the realm of the spirit. Following those experiences, he was launched into worldwide itinerate ministry with an overwhelming abundance of supernatural results. Part of Gary’s ministry is impartation to see in the spiritual realm, of angels. He is the author of the book “Open My Eyes, Lord”.


Bill and Carol – Dew Bill and Carol Dew have traveled and ministered with Gary & Kathi numerous times. They believe every follower of Christ is to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons, and they are on a mission to see this happen. Working with churches, apostolic networks, other ministries, and ministry schools, they are equipping believers to be who Jesus said they could be and do what He said they could do.

As they teach and impart through the laying on of hands, believers begin to move in greater power and confidence, becoming naturally supernatural everywhere they go, twenty-four/seven. They are reproducing the miracle-working ministry of Jesus in Christians and helping them obey His command to “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Bill was a successful commercial real estate agent and Carol a content housewife and mother until God interrupted their comfortable lives. Carol received a call into ministry in 1981. She graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an MDiv in 1988 and became an ordained Presbyterian pastor. God arrested Bill in 1992 and transformed him from a nominal Christian into a passionate, Spirit-filled believer with a call to the healing ministry. Bill left the business world and became sold-out for God. Their marriage and ministry were radically changed during a three week stay at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1996, and life has been an incredible adventure ever since.

Bill traveled full-time with Randy Clark from August 1998 through November, 1999. During that time he, and Carol who joined him on many of those trips, both received a powerful anointing for healing and an anointing to impart it to others. Carol is trained as an Elijah House prayer counselor and is anointed in inner healing.

Bill and Carol have ministered in many denominational and non-denominational churches and groups throughout the United States and internationally. They have been married since 1969 and have one grown daughter.

For more information you may contact email or call his office at 336.667.2333.

Thank you for your interest,
Gary Oates Ministries


II)  “Angels & Miracles” Conference — Cincinnati, Oh   September 11–13, 2015

Sponsored by Cincinnati Healing Rooms — details to follow

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