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Testimonies From Sao Luis, Brazil

I took a team of 4 to one church in São Luis to do 6 days and nights of meetings, plus we got to pray in 2 different hospitals, as well as speak to a group of pastors and leaders. These are just a few of the things we got to witness:

On Friday night I told her I wanted to see a picture of her, like Fernando from ’06, holding her crutch high above her head in victory over the crippling rheumatoid arthritis she’s had for 2 years. On Sunday night, it accelerated and she walked completely normally. Interestingly — the smiles are almost identical. The smile through the tears said it all.

This is what it’s all about for me.

Matthew has only prayed at home. But he ‘caught’ the teaching–it’s about taking the love & power to the streets. He prayed for a fellow student’s hearing problem at school, and there was significant improvement. C’mon!

The little girl’s eyes uncross for the first time. Can you imagine what that must be like for the daughter — and the mom? BTW: it was that ‘lick the fingers & put them on your eyelids prophetic act thing.’ So hokie — but it keeps working.

Her totally deaf ear since 14 yrs old opened up. As we were walking to the front to give testimony, her aunt indicated her very poor eyesight of many years had dramatically improved.

The husband verified that the large, painful lump on his wife’s neck was no longer there.

And the young woman’s distance & reading eyesight was like new. Not a bad start to our missions week of training — and that was just the first night.

The pictures above were from the first meeting on Tuesday night. The place was packed out at every meeting with about 300+ people. The team bonded, and the team fell in love with them–and vice versa. In addition, we went to 2 different hospitals to pray for the sick, and bring the love of Jesus. I have two more trips scheduled, with teams, for this year and you can get the details on my Itinerary Page. Jesus said to “go”……. and they would love for you to come. If God is stirring something in your heart, contact me about one of the upcoming trips in September and October.

Bill Dew


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