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Testimonies From Bogota, Colombia

At the end of May, I took a team of 7 to Bogota, Colombia to minister in several churches, a prison, two orphanages/schools, and conduct a radio interview, having many call in responding that they had been healed when I prayed, and we also saw some miracles when we were able to pray for people in the church where the radio interview was being conducted. The following is just a slight taste of what the team saw and participated in:

1: A stroke caused her to limp in pain and walk with this crutch–jumping and running with no pain now. 2: Blind left eye opened! 3: Woman in brown coat demonstrated how she could run and jump w/o pain she had endured for years after the birth of her child. 4: She had a ping-pong ball sized cancerous tumor…..that she could no longer feel or find. The emotions were priceless. Additional pictures and video on my personal and Dewnamis facebook pages.

I (and many others who have led teams) have always said that a trip like this is the fastest way to a healing anointing. This is an unsolicited comment from one of my team members:

“As the rookie of this group I went on the trip primarily to learn, not just about healing in general, but about changes that I knew I had to make about my own attitudes and beliefs. I have read many fine books by most of the well-known healing evangelists, but until I was now immersed in the doing of the Word, and not just the hearing, I was not able to know and understand at a deeper level just how much this is all about Him and not about me. I am so blessed and fortunate to have been alongside such an anointed leader and team members that have opened my eyes and my heart to what is possible, and in fact, to what is expected of us in Christ.” As we say, “he will never be the same.” And he’s saying he’ll be on the trip to Medellin, Colombia in September.

If you would be interested in coming on this next trip in September to Medellin, or the trip to Brazil in October, you can get information on this website under ‘Itinerary,’ or you can email me with any questions at


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