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God Heals In San Diego, Too

I did a Healing Seminar one weekend in July, 2017 for a Methodist church here in San Diego. They have gone after the power and presence of God for more than 30 years, having many Healing Seminars and conferences, along with a Healing Service on Sunday night one Sunday a month. I had a good group on each of the 3 nights, half of them new to my ministry. I saw lots of hunger .... and lots of healing.

These two testimonies are an example of the many things that happened over the weekend:

"Just a follow up and praising God. Received results of prostate biopsy today … all benign. Thank You Jesus!! And thanks to all who prayed for me and the others! Monday I’ll get a bone scan to find out if anymore lesions have popped up (or if all have gone away) and get a bone biopsy once those results are in, if there are any lesions to biopsy. More to follow. Last weekend was truly special as the presence of God permeated EVERYTHING. What an incredible time, thank you so much!!

"A friend sent this: "Contacting you to let you know that my friend Stacy and her husband went to your healing class Saturday night. They are both new to the supernatural of God. Stacy told me that her husband Kurt received healing in his back during worship. He also told her that he could barely stand up from feeling like a weight on him and his hands felt hot when he prayed for people that night. All brand new experiences for him!!!"

We finished the weekend Seminar with the Healing Service. I got to pray for many, but this stood out: a young man had severe neck pain and couldn't turn his neck or look up and down. I and several others that I was mentoring prayed for him. The ability to turn his neck and his smile says it all.

God truly is moving in all the world. It's been a long time coming, but He's moving powerfully in America today, just like in the rest of the world.

May you encounter the loving, living God in one of my meetings coming up, either here in the US, or one of my missions trips described on my Itinerary page.

Blessings. Bill


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