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Angel....Supernatural....Or Both

We've just returned from our third Missions trip to Brazil this year....all since the beginning of June.....Kathleen didn't know what she was getting into. This trip was to Fortaleza, the city I've been to more than any other in Brazil. We broke from tradition and spoke at 7 different churches (I normally like to spend several days in a couple of churches to be able to build) -- most of them churches I've been to before, as well as some new ones. We also ministered at a rehab center, ministered in a hospital, and once again spoke to the Pastors Council. There were so many healings....but the ones that stood out were these two: Top -- we tested him by having him close up his left ear, close his eyes, then my translator say something and have him repeat--couldn't hear a thing. We have a video of him after prayer, able to repeat everything Marcelo a very noisy room! Then, Kathleen prayed for the woman whose pic on the left shows her little finger, unable to straighten out since birth because of a ligament issue. The pic on the right shows the affect of prayer, and the emotion on the video said it all -- completely straight!!

Coming home, we had an unexpected supernatural event. I've been sensing for over a month now that He wanted me to speak on something I've longed for, but had limited experience with -- Open Heaven, Angels. I've said: when you speak on evangelism, you get people saved. Speak on deliverance--people set free; healing--people healed. And, the angelic definitely showed up that night--videos showing waves of angelic activity.

But, on the way home, we had an encounter. Still not sure if it was an angel or just a supernatural act of a loving Father. We were at the front of the line boarding for our flight out of Fortaleza to São Paulo --gotta show your boarding pass & passport. Kat can't find hers. Instantly, that panicked feeling, searching frantically, when a woman walked up out of nowhere -- "you left your passport in the bathroom (which we had used an hour before)." How...why...did she show up at just that most crucial moment?

Was it an angel....we don't know....doesn't really matter, does it? But, it definitely was the mercy and grace of a loving father who wanted to see His kids blessed, not stressed (can you imagine what we would have had to do--how do you get home, etc). It seems like God has been speaking to the Body lately...through some teaching I heard lately...that has impacted me.

I Thessalonians 5:16--18 .... Rejoice always; pray w/o ceasing; in everything give thanks. I know I need about you?


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