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HEALING WORKSHOPS: "UNPRECEDENTED." I do a lot of Healing Workshops and this is the word I hear more than any other -- in business, sports, entertainment, secular, Christian -- and the word I actually 'get and feel' as I listen to the Lord for this year: "unprecedented." The Vineyard Prayer Training...and especially The Toronto Outpouring...was a significant time of bringing the church into "the priesthood of all believers." I recently saw Randy Clark in a meeting discussing his history of how God showed him about the gifts of the Spirit while still a Baptist, how Toronto came about, etc. It dawned on me that we're still talking about this 25 years later because it's STILL so relevant.

So many people are coming into this move of God now, but they know almost nothing about it's origins..."The first wave is about renewing the church, the second wave is about power to the streets," "I'm coming to you gently now so you will not be afraid when I come in my power." "A billion soul harvest coming and healing is the bait." Surprisingly, as I conduct meetings in churches, conferences, ministry schools, or to prayer teams, when I ask the question "How many of you are afraid to pray for someone, because 'what if nothing happens'? 80% of the people raise their hands.

If we're moving into an "unprecedented" new move of God, it will be the congregations, that "nameless, faceless generation" that will bring healing prayer to the body, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. In 1992, God ambushed me with a healing anointing -- I didn't even believe in that, had no relationship with Jesus, and my church didn't move in those kinds of gifts visibly, so I knew nothing about it. My whole perspective changed after a 3 hour encounter with Jesus and Holy Spirit in a prayer meeting, and the first person I prayed for got healed.

What is God stirring in you? If you're open....I encourage you

to dive into this more. Take advantage of training, there's on-line speakers, come to one of my meetings or go on a missions trip with me. But....don't delay.....just Dew it (play on the Nike slogan). Don't be afraid or can be the answer to someone's prayer.


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