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EVOLUTION OF A HEALING SERVICE -- In A Time When Things May Never Be The Same

After the Toronto Outpouring of 1994, we used to kid about churches being "renewal ready" based on if there was enough room for people to fall safely "under the power of HS" as we laid hands on them. As I traveled with Randy Clark for almost a year and a half in '98 & '99, there would be times when we would stack the chairs and have people lined up all over the church, with at least 6 feet between lines -- so that IF they fell, there would be room and no one would get hurt.

For the last few years it seems like more meetings we do (people in the healing ministry) have less room to maneuver, so it's often more about praying where they're at, and having those around them lay hands on them under the leader's supervision. The teams that I take on Missions Trips to Brazil or Colombia are usually no more than 10 people or so. There have been times when we are praying for different categories of needs -- arms, legs, backs, headaches, eyes, ears, etc. And, we finish with "if you have pain anywhere in your body, OR maybe you don't have pain but you need healing (like diabetes, poor eyesight, ringing in your ears), stand up. Often it feels like 75% of the room stands --far more than the team can handle in a reasonable amount of time. So, we enlist the pastors, worship team, ushers, dance team -- anyone serving and known to the church -- to help us. And, we go into the "10 second prayer." All things be made new, be healed in Jesus name. And, I tell everyone, "you can only pray for them for 10 seconds, just touch them gently, and continue to rotate around the room, touch as many people as possible, and release the power of God resident in you." IT'S AMAZING WHAT HAPPENS!"

I think God has been preparing us, as we are entering a new season caused by this coronavirus that has swept over the world. At the time of this post (March 22, there are no church meeting being held, but we will get through this and the church will rise up with healing in HIS wings). What will be necessary is to overcome the fear that has overtaken the world. There WILL

be healing meetings (certainly needed now more than ever), but it's going to be like Matthew 8:5--13. Jesus spoke the word and the centurion's servant was healed from afar. There's POWER in the declared word. And, now more than ever, it's about HIS PRESENCE. When the anointing permeates the room, no sickness or infirmity can stand -- with NO hands being laid on. 'Jus sayin.'


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