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This man had cut off 1/2'' of his finger 15 years before. As a young man prayed for him, they both saw it "plump" and then "grow" out! He had a vision of Jesus coming to him and saying "Te amo (I love you)." He began unwrapping his hand and fell to the ground. He testified he had no pain, could move his hand, and no surgery needed !! Henne had a tumor for 8 years on her neck, and it hurt and it had particularly bothered her as she got ready for the conference. She said later she didn't expect anything, but was obedient (there it is again, eh?). She literally felt it dissolve under her fingers! Check Video: Spinal injury, pain, no mobility. Metal brackets holding encased concrete. God brought back full mobility, no pain--he's going back to work! 9 year old Bianca, born with crossed eyes. Mother said they had never seen her eyes straight. Check the picture and video. She put her fingers on her eyelids -- and was healed during prayer! Strathalbyn, Australia -- 20 months old, being healed progressively of CP. When we did a "fire tunnel" at the end of Saturday afternoon, her mother had her walk through. She started lifting her leg, instead of dragging it. Previously she walked like she was drunk and would constantly fall. Sunday morning she ran all over the sanctuary. She could barely move her arm, prayer helped, but God did the rest the next day. Sunday, this is what she looked like. He cut his 4 fingers off, now re-attached. But, no feeling or movement in the last two. Prayer, three minutes later, all fingers moving, no pain! "Angels?" One of our intercessors woke up singing "Calling All Angels." In Colombia that night, this is the pic I took during team ministry time. Hmmmmmm.


It's not complicated: "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons, freely you've received, freely give" It's your privilege as a Spirit-filled believer... Read more

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