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domestic Itinerary & international Mission trips

domestic itinerary

Currently working on domestic Itinerary

Here is what to expect from our upcoming healing meetings:

  • Mobility restored


  • Blind eye sees after 5  years


  • eye floaters disappear

  • shoulder mobility returns

  • Achilles tendon restored-no surgery needed

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"it's colombia not Columbia"

Join me on a Mission Trip and
see Miracles for yourself

“When you described the trip, my heart jumped, but I was afraid — not enough anointing, not enough of the right food, sleep, etc. But, I knew it was God, so I went. I’m soooo glad — I’ll NEVER be the same again!”

international mission trips

We have had to put all our International MISSIONS TRIPS on hold.  The CDC and US government are now requiring that anyone flying back into the US must have a valid negative Covid test within 72 hours of boarding the plane. That means you must trust that you can find a testing facility in a foreign country, trust the test, and trust that they can get the results to the airline before the flight departs.  If you test positive you would be required to quarantine for 2 weeks, and not always at the nice hotel you've been staying at because they don't want Covid people staying at their hotel.  So, there's issues of added expenses, as well as questions about paying for medical costs if you had to go to a hospital. And, if you have obligations like family or work, like we do, it would be a huge problem being gone for 3+ weeks.


So, at this point, we've put the trips on hold, but we will be working with the two Brazil opportunities and one Colombia opportunity to bring revival, hope, healing and the love of Jesus to the mission field.  I will be keeping the website up to date, posting on Facebook, and sending out email flyers giving info on the trips and if you're interested, you can contact me then.  We're believing that we're already seeing a shift in the Covid situation and restrictions, so it's possible that we can re-start the trips by this summer and into the fall.  If you aren't signed up to get our email flyers, you can sign up on this website, or contact me directly at

October 2021

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