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shoulders healed Feb_Mar 2017
equipping believers to be who Jesus said they could be and do what He said they could do

Many know that Dewnamis Ministries was founded in 1999 by me and my wife, Carol, after I had traveled for almost a year and a half with Randy  Clark.  “Don’t Quit, Don’t Stop!” is what Carol left me with before she passed in October, 2016. And, I have received several prophecies regarding “the latter days being greater than the former days,” “God opening doors that you couldn’t have imagined,” and “a greater anointing than before coming upon you.”  2017 saw me start back in ministry, continuing into 2018, and thankfully, it was like I had never taken the time off.  I am continuing to do what I love and know what I have been called to:  Healing Ministry Seminars and Workshops, Activating people to do the works of Jesus, speaking and encouraging churches, conducting Healing Conferences, taking teams on foreign Missions Trips, and introducing new messages the Lord has given me to encourage others, as I am walking through this new phase of my life.

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That phase took a turn in 2019, when I met Kathleen O'Donnell, who had lost her husband of 34 years on the exact same date in October, one year earlier in 2015. She's an incredible woman,  full of more faith than anyone I've met, even in the face of the hardest things life throws at us, and such a strong Christian. We married at the beginning of summer, 2019 and started traveling and teaching together. Connect to Kat's website: WWW.KATDEW.COM. You can also make a tax deductible contribution to either of us by going to the "DONATE" page of this website.


The nicest thing a pastor said about me when I first got launched in 2000 into this national and international ministry was:  “We can tell God is with you, that there’s an anointing there;  but you’re just ‘so ordinary.’  But, you make us believe we can do this too.”  I’ve often said, “it’s not complicated:  it’s not about you … it’s about that person standing in front of you, whom God loves so much that He sent you to allow His power to flow through you for His love, mercy, grace, and healing to change and impact that person’s life.


I, and now Kathleen with me, am continuing to work with churches, apostolic networks, other ministries, and ministry schools, doing Training Schools, Conferences, and Revival meetings, equipping believers to be who Jesus said they could be and do what He said they could do.  I help reproduce the miracle-working ministry of Jesus in Christians and help them obey His command to “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  I regularly take at least 5 missions trips annually where I take teams with me.  I have found this is the fastest way for team members to step into a greater healing anointing.


I was a successful commercial real estate agent prior to God changing my life in 1992 and transforming me from a nominal Christian into a passionate, Spirit-filled believer with a call to the healing ministry.  My marriage and ministry was radically changed during a three week stay at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1996, and life has been an incredible adventure ever since. 


I traveled full-time with Randy Clark from August 1998 through November, 1999. During that time I received a powerful anointing for healing and an anointing to impart it to others.


Home for us is San Diego, CA.  If you would like to request us to come to your church or event for a weekend,  conduct a Healing Seminar, Healing School, Healing Conference,  etc, please complete the Ministry Request Form

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