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Proud to serve in ministry with these guys, and call them friends.

Bill Johnson, me, Randy Clark, and Tom Jones

January, 2017


Bill Dew is a precious gift to the Body of Christ. He teaches with wisdom and great discernment.  He ministers from the heart of the Father, and he reflects the words of Jesus.  I have heard nothing but good reports from the churches he has ministered in since Bill stopped traveling with me and began his own ministry.  But, it isn’t just his ministry, it truly is a team ministry of husband and wife.   He has a strong healing anointing and a great understanding of the ministry of deliverance. His message is how to naturally move in the supernatural, making it easier to take the Kingdom to the marketplace.  I have been amazed at the growth of his confidence and faith.  I am very proud to call him my personal friend and to have been a “father” to Bill while he was being mentored by me for over a year and a half.  I recommend him to any church with my highest confidence and complete faith in his ability to not only move in power, but to model a ministry based in humility and love, and to be characterized by wisdom and discernment.

Randy Clark
Global Awakening
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


Bill Dew is a treasure to the body of Christ. Over and over again he has ‘come up to the plate’ to pay whatever price would be necessary to have more of God. God has honored his quest and given him a great breakthrough anointing to bring churches and individuals into great places of victory. The power he walks in is only surpassed by his humility. It’s with pleasure I endorse his ministry . . . his life.

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church
Redding, California


“It is a personal honor to endorse the man and the ministry of Bill Dew. I have known Bill for 18 Years and found him to be a person of integrity and authenticity. His ministry is anchored in Biblical truth and finds its expression in the healing compassion of Jesus. Bill is a master story teller, creating an atmosphere of faith in which the listener can experience the miraculous. He is a true believer, with signs following. Bill is a dear friend and one of our favorite people at The Mission.  


David Crone

Senior Leader, The Mission

Author of Decisions that Define Us and Prisoner of Hope


I met Bill and Carol on my first trip to Brazil with Randy Clark in 2000.  We have been close friends since that time. 


Bill and I have ministered together in various parts of the world.  Our "Angels and Miracles Conferences" continue to carry a strong anointing. 


Bill’s healing ministry is truly amazing!  In fact, we require anyone going on our team trips to South or Central America to study Bill and Carol’s Training for Ministry packet.


Bill is the real deal.  He is a man of highest integrity, strong character, and transparency, open and honest.  I highly respect and endorse his ministry.


Gary Oates

Author, Open My Eyes, Lord


“Some of the greatest miracles I have ever personally seen were through the ministry of Bill Dew. Bill is a tenacious healer, an inspiring trainer, and a clarion communicator of kingdom truths. 


Some of you know that Bill recently lost his beloved wife and ministry partner. This could cause some to wonder if Bill is ready to travel? Our church family watched Bill walk through this difficult time if faith, love, and expectation. He stayed in communication and connection with the Body of Christ locally and globally. I am confident that Bill is healthy in his process and ready to travel and minister in a double-portion anointing. I highly recommend the ministry of Bill Dew.”


Dan McCollam

Sr. Associate Leader – The Mission, Vacaville, California

Director of Sounds of the Nations

Co-founder of Bethel School of the Prophets

Itinerant speaker and author of more than 20 books


Bill Dew is real, gentle and a powerful servant of God. He ministers with such a unique and powerful combination of gentleness, power and teaching with authority. The testimonies of God’s healing power being released while he and his wife, Carol, were here are still being told and revealed. The most exciting thing to us as Pastors though, is not what happened while they were here, but what has continued to happen since they were here. There has been a dramatic increase of healing anointing, salvations and excitement about the mission of God. We highly recommend Bill to any church who is wanting more of God, more of His power and more of His love.


Dennis and Brenda Hotchkiss 
NorthGate Alaska
Wasilla, Alaska


When I look for people to bring into our Church, I look for more than gifting, I look for those who can build the house. This demands they not only operate in their gift, it demands they have the desire and ability to impart that to others. These are the ones who leave a lasting impact on the culture. Bill Dew has done just that.  


Bill’s ministry is marked by a very specific words of knowledge and a gift of faith others enter into. This results in remarkable healings. But Bill is more than a man who ministers in the supernatural, he is an equipper who imparts that to others. His personal history, relayed with a gift of hunger that is contagious, uniquely equip him to pull others into an awareness they too can operate in the supernatural.I highly recommend him.


Dave Olson
Senior Leader, Heartland Church

Ankeny, Iowa

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